logo design

Jan 25, 2020




A logo in itself is not a brand. The term logo
is short for logotype, graphic designer speak
for a custom-lettered word. Logos is Greek
for word. You can see why the term ‘logo
caught on – it’s dead catchy. But what people
are usually referring to when they say ‘logo’
is a symbol, emblem, monogram, initials or
any form of graphic device that represents a
company or its products and services. A logo
(or brand mark) is the flag behind which pretty
much every organisation stands. And, just like
people, they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes
and varieties.
In the early part of a project it pays not to limit
your thinking to one particular approach. Be
adventurous and try them all. What fits? What
works? What doesn’t? Would this idea work
better this way, or that way? Have a go at
coming up with ideas for all of the following
categories of logo, even if you have a hunch about
what the client will go for. Remember that
there are no hard-and-fast rules, so explore
combinations of categories and crossover
between them: sometimes that’s where you’ll
find the best ideas, and clients can make
unexpected decisions, so test the water.

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