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The main goal of an advertiser using Google AdWords is making their business grow, as well as to attract new potential customers. One wants to find the perfect balance between revenues and expenses. Different business goals can be set, for example creating brand awareness or generating more traffic to their website.

Also, a user wants to spend the least amount of money to generate the highest amount of revenue. To use the money invested in Google AdWords efficiently, a lot of strategies and methods exist, from which some depend on the specific goal of the user. This paper addresses different methods and strategies to optimize an AdWords account, but the focus will be on generating a the highest number of conversions for the lowest cost



CPC/PPC This is cost per click  When an advertiser places an advertisement they pay a fee every time the advertisement is clicked.
Bounce Rate When somebody comes to a website and leaves without going to any other page this is call a bounce. A bounce rate indicates the percentage of people that do this.
Google Search
When you advertise with Google Adwords and these advertisements appear when someone does a search this is known as the Google display network
When you see advertisements displayed directly above the search these are referenced as ‘sponsored advertisements. its shows when that related keyword search on gooogle.
CPM Cost per impression. The advertiser pays for every 1,000 times the advertisement is displayed. It does not have to be clicked.

How does Google make money from Google Adwords ?

When you set up an ad, you agree to pay money when someone clicks on it ad according to your budget Google then makes money every time that someone clicks on these ads.

How much do I pay for displaying these ads?

Rates varies on how competitive the keywords are. You can set it like this Google will automatically set the amount or you can choose an amount to start with To adapt. For example, if you select $ 1 per click, you should monitor your ads to see if you have them provides enough to appear on the first page of results.

What is Google Quality?

Google calculates a quality of 1 to 10 for each of the keywords you set. This then use this Quality Score in combination with your bid to determine the position of your ad should appear. Quality voting is very important because when you are competing against others

What happens if no one clicks on your ad?

You will not pay until you not get clicked by any visitor on your ads. However, if no one clicks on your ad probably chose the wrong keywords because if people search based on the keywords you have selected should be relevant to your ad.

Do I need to use Google Adwords or optimize my site for it to start appearing in searches

the results?

We recommend using Google Adwords first to see which keywords are effective. No try optimizing your site for keywords when no one clicks on the ad.

Can I only set up text ads, or can I set up banner ads / video ads etc?

On the display network you can only use text ads, but on the Content Network can use your banners and / or video ads.

Will the same ad work well on the Display and Content Network?

This is unlikely. If you are advertising by someone looking for ‘Book Hotel in Dubai or Hote booking in newyork on the display network, then you know if your ad is showing, you will probably be interested in making a reservation

How difficult is it to set up?

The basics of Adwords are straightforward, but to optimize your ads to make sure you do Finding value for money and getting relevant traffic to your website is a little more complicated.


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